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Kevin O'Connell

Singer ~ Picker ~ Songwriter


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Photo by Beth Crawford

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Kevin grew up playing piano, guitar and saxophone playing, a variety of solo acts with bands that included a sister/brother band called “Just a Song” and later with a band called "Under the Double Eagle" in northeast Connecticut.

After a career that took him on the road for another endeavor, that of truck driving for much of his adult life while raising a family, Kevin has rekindled his love and passion for picking, writing and singing.
Feeling inspired and with the help of his beloved vintage Martins he is as impassioned as ever, picking in a fluid and distinctive style.  Sometimes arranging songs that he loves by other artists and sometimes composing his own.
Kevin has been playing in and around the "Musical Circuit" in the Hudson Valley in great venues such as the Rosendale Cafe, Highfalls Cafe and recently opened for John Gorka at the Towne Crier in Pawling. Having recently recorded at Grouse House Productions he is often found in local venues singing and playing for the delight of his friends and fans.  See his calendar for gigs coming soon and CDs.







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